90 Ball Bingo

Who has ninety balls?! That would be the Brits! Yes that’s right we are the only nation to offer ninety ball bingos unlike the Americans who only offer seventy five ball bingos! But what are the differences? Does it really matter? Well not really it just makes the game a lot more fun to play, the odds are better and the games are different but just as good!

Ninety ball bingos are played similar to American style of bingo except of course with fifteen more balls! What do we want with all these balls though? Well the games are played slightly different than they would be if it was only seventy five ball bingo.

Firstly there are three winners to each card. There is the single line winner; the first person who matches off a horizontal line of numbers. Then there is the double line winner; the person who matches of two horizontal lines, and then there is the full house winner; the person who matches of their whole bingo card! This style of game is a lot easier than seventy five ball bingo and the cards are lot easier read.

Along with the ninety balls comes the hilarious caller slang. In the UK some times there is slang associate with a certain number for example:

On its own, number 1
Doctor’s orders, number 9
Lucky for some, number 13
Key to the door, number 21
Heinz varieties, number 57
Clickety click, number 66

The list goes on and sometimes it can be quite fun to sit in a bingo hall with a caller reading out twenty three numbers and slang’s a minute and trying to keep up, because they go so fast you are still looking for the previous number called while searching for the new one. UK ninety ball bingos is a fast paced energetic game, and are thoroughly enjoyed by all players.

Internet bingo games are now just introducing ninety ball bingo so they can keep their UK customers and market happy, which is great news for all the UK online bingo members who have been suffering seventy five ball bingo!

While playing 90 ball bingo you have to be quick and alert, because all it takes is just one number past our winning number and you loose! You have to call on the number that completes the game, if you call after that then you call is void and you have to wait for another line! Not fair? Welcome to ninety ball bingo!

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