Bingo Basics

Bingo is similar to a lottery.

The game of bingo is very similar in principle to a lottery; numbers are drawn at random from a pool of numbers and the person who has the set amount of numbers wins the prize or one of the prizes. Where bingo does differ from a lottery though is the use of the Bingo tickets. In a lottery you pick your own numbers and however many of your numbers match those drawn determines how much you win, if anything.

In Bingo you are given a card that has numbers already printed on it and as the numbers are drawn at random you mark them off your card. As a pose to a lottery where only a set amount of numbers are drawn, in Bingo the caller will draw as many balls as needed to find a winner or winners. A winner is any person who marks off numbers on their ticket in the pattern required. Traditional bingo had cards that included blank squares. This meant there were actually very few patterns that could be completed and games were usually limited to full house or a horizontal line.

These are a few of the usual patterns in Bingo games, including some of the more modern varieties:

Full House. This means you have to be the first of all the players to ark off all of the numbers on any one of your tickets.

Horizontal Line. Like the name suggests, the first person to finish a full horizontal line takes the prize.

Vertical Line. Be the first to complete a vertical line and you will pick up the prize.

Diagonal Line. Another simple one, you need to be the first to form a diagonal line from one corner of your card to the other.

X. To win this card you need to form two diagonal lines from corner to corner, in effect creating a giant X on your card.

The Corners. The winner of this game is the first person to mark each of the corner squares as being matched. An alternative of this is one corner where you must mark a large square in any one corner. The large square consists of 4 numbers.

J Bingo. A modern pattern game, this entails forming a J shape with the crossed out numbers you have matched. You may play a fixed J game where a J is placed in a fixed position on your card or just a normal J game where the winner is the first person to form a J on any card.

There are a great many different patterns, and these are a selection of some of the more popular online choices. Regardless of which online bingo hall you choose to play at, there will always be a guide to the different winning patterns involved in your game, and the software will tell you whether you have a winning pattern or not anyway. Most online patterns will be displayed on the card during the game itself making it very easy to learn your way around the game. If they don’t offer this then they will probably have a free play option that means you can play for pretend money or tokens giving you a greater feel for the game and for the way to play each pattern.

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