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We all know what it is like to play bingo here in the UK but its not the same elsewhere especially in America! The Americans see bingo as a strategic way to make some extra cash and if you get in their way whoa betide you! They are aggressive players who are not there for the fun, they take their game very seriously and the atmosphere is very different from a UK bingo hall.

The game is played so differently for a start! There are so many games that the Americans play with their cards it’s unbelievable! They also have a lot more cards at one time to watch than we do so you are lucky if their bingo caller shouts five numbers per minute! The Americans are so strict throughout their game; even if they go with friend to bingo they are lucky if they talk throughout the session! It’s a hard game and its tough at the top, when you win you just have to be careful you don’t get mugged in the car park!

In the UK we have fun while we play but the bingo players in America don’t seem to understand that is what bingo is for, but anything that gets in the way of Americans and their money is surely the devil in their eyes!

In the UK bingo is for club members, you have to join before you can play, whereas in America you just show up and play. One man compared the American bingo hall as a factory, where Americans go to simply try for money where as UK bingo halls are like theatres and music halls, British people go to enjoy themselves!

There are many differences in the American and UK Cultures and bingo is just another one of those differences. We talk and act different, our lives will never be the same but with a game you think that we would at least be similar with each other, but no, we are again still completely different. If you want to play bingo ruthlessly and for monetary value then hop on a plane and head to the states otherwise if you want to play for pleasure and enjoyment then stay here in the UK and have a great night out with friends and family!

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