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The UK bingo market is a target choice among online bingo companies since closure of land-based companies are expected due to burdens of heavy tax. It is already the prerogative of offline players if they will patronize online bingo or just stick to the traditional way of playing bingo.

There is such a huge UK bingo market out there that prompted Canada-based Parlay Entertainment, Inc., reputed to be the world’s leading developer and principal licensor of Internet bingo solutions, to conduct a study to determine not the exact number of bingo fanatics out there; rather, how many land-based bingo players have been playing on online bingo.
The company who holds claim to the invention of online bingo software probably got the surprise of their life when they found out that—hold your breathe—only a mere 1% of bingo players in UK have tried the more high tech, so to speak, online bingo. This is where the gargantuan challenge lies for Parlay and for other existing online bingo companies: how to make land-based bingo players in UK try playing online. A difficult feat if you would give it an initial thought but surely worth it since such a vast market would bring in an equally vast profit.
An additional piece of information: there are at least 700 bingo clubs that dot UK and with them are millions of members to which around three million or so have been actively playing bingo, so there are a so plenty of fishes out there up for the catch. It’s up already for online bingo companies on what baits are they going to use to make those fishes bite their hooks.
On a global scale, there are abut six million people from all over the world who still play this classic game of chance, and with such an enormous number of players, the bingo industry has been registering revenues at a staggering $150 million. $22,500,000 is contributed by UK players (or 15% of the $150 million earnings).
Currently, land-based bingo companies/clubs are facing the imposition of heavy tax and other upcoming additional gaming fees, and most independent and small-time operators in various communities and towns are most likely to discontinue operations due to it. Bingo is not just gambling, it’s a lifestyle already for most players and going to a bingo hall is like attending a high school class reunion of sorts for them. It is akin to having a barbecue or a yard party with friends and neighbors so the closure of such bingo venues would somehow affect the social element of a certain town or community or group.
Still, such sad news would mean the opposite for online bingo companies such as Parlay for this is the most opportune time for them to act and entice bingo players to try the game online. With bingo halls and bingo clubs shutting down, players might resort to playing online just to fill in the need to play the game.
The only problem surfacing anew here is that most bingo players are parents and grandparents who are most likely not too familiar with the computer, more so with Internet. Most likely they would even prefer to travel some distance to look for the nearest bingo hall than to sit down and move the mouse as they play on their favorite leisure game.
For both land-based players and online companies, let this simple cliché serve as a simple reminder on how to deal with bingo with the present situation going on: “When there’s a will, there’s a way.”

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