Palms sweaty, you look down, just one more to go you tell yourself. You’re sliding of the seat in anticipation, your foot is going mad and then the caller shouts it “lucky for some, number 13”. You jump up and scream “HOUSE” you’ve won, you did it!

Bingo is the nation’s favourite game at the moment and many younger players are turning to the game than ever before. With new bingo halls like Carlton, Premier, Mecca and Gala opening all over the country it is no surprise that bingo is taking over! Traditionally bingo is an older womans game but now you have young ladies and even men sitting in those bingo halls!

Bingo is a fast paced game and no beginner should be playing serious money until they can keep up with the bingo caller. The average bingo caller shouts 23-25 numbers every minute even with their “sayings”. The UK is known for its strange sayings that come with the numbers, for example; legs eleven, number eleven(then everyone whistles), Lucky for some, number 13. Two fat ladies, 88. These are just some examples.

The average bingo player plays around four to six cards which are simplified for easy reading as the game moves so quick. There are different play methods such as the corners game, single line, double line and a full house. The full house games are for the bigger prize pots and the other games are just small pots. The atmosphere in a UK bingo hall is fantastic, the players are great with each other, there are groups of friends who play together, everyone has a good time and really enjoy it, it’s like a night out but with the chance of going home with more money than you came out with! There is usually a short break in the middle of the session where players get something to eat and enjoy a chat with their friends or the players next to them but when it comes to eyes down for the numbers it’s all quiet as people eagerly await their win!

The average bingo game lasts around four to six minutes and often there is a split pot with other winners, there is no hard feelings though as we see this game as a bit of fun, not a way to make up for half paid bills! Bingo is a great night out only problem is you have to be 18 to fully enjoy it as it is considered gambling. When you’re in that bingo hall just remember that it’s a game and it should be enjoyed to the fullest, not matter if you get to shout house or not!

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