Virgin Bingo

With Virgin Bingo, run by the Virgin Group, you can expect great things without disappointment. While it offers all the features of a traditional online Bingo site, there are a number of perks that really set it apart from the rest of its competition. The UK Bingo site, which is an entity belonging to Sir Richard Branson, aims for luxury and leisure, and provides this style of gaming to its Bingo players by allowing them to mix and mingle with celebrities in chat rooms and offering unique prizes that you won’t find at any other Bingo hall.

Bingo Game Variety

Virgin Bingo wouldn’t be on its way to online gambling domination, yet another industrious acquisition of the Virgin Group, if it didn’t feature a wide variety of online games. If you’re in the mood for Bingo, you can choose from 3 Bingo Halls; two versions of 90 ball Bingo with different card prices, and one hall with 75 ball Bingo. With each of the Bingo games, Bingo players have the option to use the Auto-dab feature, or they can dab their cards themselves. To help Bingo players keep track on how close to calling Bingo they are, the cards are automatically sorted in order from the one that’s best performing to the one that’s doing the most poorly. Cards are also automatically color-coded, with red demonstrating that a Bingo card only needs one more number to win, to keep up the intensity and suspense of the game.

Virgin Bingo also has a number of side games, with a big selection of Slots and Instant Win Scratch Cards that can be played during or between Bingo games. Many of these games carry over the feeling of luxury with celebrity and other glamorous themes.

Bingo Design

While players at Virgin Bingo of course come for the Bingo, they tend to stay because this is one Bingo Hall that offers a completely different experience that just isn’t on the table anywhere else. They’ve got a booming, lively chat community with games and forums moderated by Virgin Staff, but what really makes visiting Virgin Bingo an exciting experience, is the chance to rub elbows with real celebrities online. Virgin Bingo maintains a regular Celebrity Chat Schedule, where Bingo players can take a break from dabbing their cards and get the latest on celebrity gossip.

All of the other typical features you’d expect to find at a leading online Bingo hall, are above Par and could easily hold a candle to any of their toughest competitors, but they have an edge that sets them apart that makes the experience even more memorable.

Bingo Jackpots and Promotions

Virgin Bingo allows its players to earn VPoints and Chat Points which are redeemable for cash and prizes. The top Bingo website also has a fantastic Welcome Bonus with 100% deposit matching up to 125 EURO. Best of all, Virgin Bingo has a very unique prize draw system called the Wishing Well. Every time someone makes a deposit, they can make a wish at Virgin Bingo’s Wishing Well, and once a month they do a draw and make someone’s wish come true. Of course, wish requests must be tangible; Virgin Bingo might not be able to cure cancer, but they can certainly send families on vacations, make monthly mortgage payments, or provide a laptop for someone’s child who’s off to college.

Play Virgin Bingo
Play Virgin Bingo

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